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Below are some of the questions that have been asked about Gateway Property. If there are questions that you want further clarification on after reading the FAQ document, please call our offices at (912) 638-9109 and schedule an appointment with our staff. Thank you.

Who owns and manages Gateway Property? The St. Simons Land Trust (SSLT) and the Southeast Georgia Health System (SGHS) partnered in 2023 to protect the roughly 10 acres of maritime forest, marsh upland interface, and saltmarsh that is now owned and managed by SSLT.  SGHS has retained a portion of the original property that includes the medical complex on Wellness Way and the adjoining 5-acre tract of land that serves as a buffer to Sea Island Road. SSLT owns and manages the section of the trail to the south, extending into the saltmarsh, while SGHS owns and manages the shorter section of the trail that runs alongside the parking lot of the medical complex and includes the “Bamboo Loop”.

Where did the exercise equipment go? The exercise equipment throughout the trail was closely evaluated and documented in various stages of disrepair. SSLT partnered with SGHS on the removal of all exercise equipment from the SSLT-owned portion of the trail to ensure the trail remained safe for public access. Our team is currently developing plans to enhance this nature trail and create a welcoming and interactive experience for the public.

Where did the benches and trash cans go? The benches and trash cans remain the property of SGHS, therefore they were removed from the section of the trail now managed by SSLT.

Why have some of the trees and shrubs along the trail been cut back? SSLT manages the spread of invasive species that pose a threat to the natural areas that we protect.  There are several species of invasive plants along this trail and those plants may be removed or cut to promote and enhance the health of this natural area. Other management objectives include trimming back the native vegetation that grows onto the trail keeping it safe and accessible for the public.  The remaining land will be left in its natural state.

Why is there no longer running water available along this trail? The spigot that was previously used to fill water bowls for dogs visiting this trail was repeatedly left running, creating issues with wasted water and flooding the space around the spigot. There is no longer water available here, but there are restrooms and running water available at the adjacent Gascoigne Bluff Park, which is owned and managed by Glynn County Recreation and Parks Department.

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