Our Mission - St. Simons Land Trust

To preserve the island's natural and scenic character and to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations

The Mission of the St. Simons Land Trust is both pragmatic and aspirational.

Concerned with increased high-density development that was negatively impacting St. Simons, more than twenty years ago the Land Trust’s founders built an organization that could partner with residents and visitors to protect the unique qualities of this barrier island. To fulfill its Mission, achievable and visionary goals were created to strategically acquire and conserve properties that were most vulnerable to destruction of environmental values and cultural, historic features.

The Mission included a far-sighted approach that ensured long-lasting, positive impact on those who currently, and for generations to come, live on and visit the island.  This included providing green spaces, trails, pocket parks, and vistas as well as protecting rare ecosystems, maritime forests, shorelines, streams, and large tracts of undeveloped land.  This important Mission has inspired a culture of conservation on St. Simons Island.

Below are some of the programs, projects, and activities that continue to support the Land Trust Mission.


Pennies for Preservation is a voluntary 1% giving program in which the business community helps raise funds to preserve and protect greenspaces, wilderness areas, trails, waterways, wildlife, important habitat, and tree canopy on St. Simons Island.


The St. Simons Land Trust’s partnership with local businesses and their patrons and clients, was launched in 2017 under the name 1% for St. Simons.  The voluntary giving program was envisioned as a way for the entire community to conserve the finest qualities of St. Simons Island and to assist the Land Trust in fulfilling its mission of protecting and preserving the island’s scenic and environmental features and maintaining quality of life for present and future generations.


School children (and sometimes even adults) will discover the importance of preserving and protecting the forests, marshlands, and streams of a barrier island. They’ll also learn about the different habitats of a barrier island such as the MARITIME FOREST, SALTMARSH, DUNES, and BEACH.

Activities include SCAVENGER HUNTS on Land Trust properties, FUN FACTS on the WILDLIFE and PLANTS that are native to the island, a NATURE LOG so that young explorers can keep a record of the plants and animals they have seen and heard, and a WORD SEARCH with the new vocabulary students will have learned.

How You Can Help

The St. Simons Land Trust is genuinely grateful for the many ways that it is supported by this community.
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