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No matter what your background, age, fitness level, or schedule, there are almost always volunteer opportunities available for those who want to become more involved in the work of the Land Trust.  Whether it’s working as a docent at Cannon’s Point Preserve or helping to maintain trails at Land Trust properties, helping our staff to host the annual Oyster Roast or assisting with administrative projects, we hope you’ll decide to join the family of dedicated and talented volunteers who provide invaluable support every day.

Like the nearly 200 individuals who donate thousands of hours of time with the Land Trust every year, you’ll be making a positive and enduring impact on our community. You’ll also learn more about the history of the island and its many natural resources, you’ll have firsthand knowledge of many protected properties, and if the feedback from current and past volunteers is any indication, you’ll also have FUN.

We couldn’t do our work without so many people pitching in, lending helping hands, and sharing lots of knowledge, and expertise.  To learn more about the different ways you can participate in the Land Trust’s volunteer program, please contact Marty Moody at mmoody@sslt.org.




Those who like demonstrating their love of St. Simons and sharing information about land conservation, often become Cannon’s Point Preserve docents.  Some docents also take advantage of additional training in specific areas and become field trip guides and conduct bike patrols.  In these roles, docents can share information with Cannon’s Point Preserve visitors on ecology, natural and local history, habitat, and the species of plants and animals that live on the island.  They also help monitor any negative impacts to the conservation values of Land Trust properties and help educate visitors about the importance of not harming these values.



For Land Trust properties to remain safe and accessible to the public, they require constant maintenance.  Our conservation volunteers are invaluable in helping staff with property monitoring, trail work, repairs to structures and equipment, and occasional assistance with research projects.



For those who prefer working indoors, the Land Trust staff sometimes needs assistance with large mailings, answering the phone, entering data, and other administrative tasks.



In addition to helping host the annual Land Trust Oyster Roast, which could not be accomplished without scores of volunteers, there are also opportunities to work with the public alongside SSLT staff at DNR’s CoastFest and other community events.


Since 2017, the Land Trust has recognized a Volunteer of the Year. This is someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, dedicating many hours to the Land Trust for the benefit of the community. With so many amazing volunteers to choose from, the Land Trust also decided to recognize an additional five volunteers, known as Top Volunteers. These are individuals who have donated hundreds of hours of their time to volunteering with the Land Trust in a variety of opportunities.



Volunteer of the Year: Richie Williamson

Top Volunteers: Allan Berger, Richard Burgner, Lynn Finnegan, Claudia Mullis, and Gary Nikoukary

Combined volunteer hours from Volunteer of the Year and Top Volunteers in 2022: 467.25 hours

(Pictured: Allen Berger, Lynn Finnegan, Claudia Mullis, Richard Burgner, Gary Nikoukary)



Volunteer of the Year: Marti Jeffers

Top Volunteers: Richard Burgner, Lynn Finnegan, Steve Kipp, Chris Bone, and Kendra Scott

Combined volunteer hours from Volunteer of the Year and Top Volunteers in 2021: 806 hours

(Pictured: Lynn Finnegan, Richard Burgner, Marti Jeffers, Steve Kipp, and Kendra Scott) 


Top 2022 Oyster Roast Volunteers: Mary Ellen Long, Justus Davis, and Charlie Williams


How You Can Help

The St. Simons Land Trust is genuinely grateful for the many ways that it is supported by this community.
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