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Outdoor Classroom


The Land Trust’s Outdoor Classroom initiative is meant to be an interactive learning experience for children and parents.  They can be used either onsite at local properties or, if families are not venturing far from at home, the scavenger hunts can accompany the organization’s  “Virtual Visits” series on YouTube.

There are two separate worksheets for each property: one for younger children (ages 6 and younger) and another one for the older children (ages 5 and older).

  • The design for the younger kids is a simple scavenger hunt, where they can race down trails and across open meadows and find items such as feathers and rocks, and songbirds.
  • The design for the older kids includes a more advanced scavenger hunt along with prompts that encourage thinking and talking about what they’ve seen.

We hope parents can deepen the learning experiences of elementary school-aged children while their kids are just having fun. The worksheets and explorations are designed to stimulate conversations among family members and to encourage children to think naturally in terms of textures, shapes, colors, sounds, sizes, and smells. Questions are also asked that help jump start imaginative play.

If families utilize the Outdoor Classrooms with children, we would love for you to share your experiences on social media and via email.  We also welcome ideas on how the worksheets and videos can be improved. 

Click the scavenger hunt of your choice and enjoy!

Please Note: The John Gilbert Nature Trail boardwalk is closed at this time.

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