Photos by Chris Moncus Photography

“Nobody Throws an Oyster Roast

Like the St. Simons Land Trust . . .”

— Gavin Sellers, Oyster Roast Attendee

What a way to kick off our 20th anniversary! We could not have asked for a more beautiful evening at Gascoigne Bluff Park on Saturday, January 18, 2020. With stats like the ones above, our 20th annual Oyster Roast is one this island will not soon forget. Under the glistening lights (provided once again by Malone Electric) woven among the branches of Gascoigne’s ancient live oaks, guests enjoyed more steamed oysters than ever before and made rounds to many booths and a buffet piled high with delicacies from local restaurants. Guests filled their reusable Land Trust cups with refreshments galore and danced to the sounds of a saxophone from community-loved musician: Michael Hulett.

An exciting aspect of this year’s Roast was the Land Trust’s commitment to making the event greener than ever. And with the help of our dedicated GREEN TEAM Volunteers, the waste diversion rate for the event was nearly 70%! An event is considered “zero waste” when it reaches a 90% diversion rate. With no Styrofoam, less plastic cutlery, the use of beer kegs instead of bottles, the addition of reusable cups, and the recycling of discarded oyster shells for local living shoreline projects, we were able to keep more than two tons of waste from reaching the landfill.


The 20th annual Oyster Roast would not have been possible without our sponsors and volunteers.


Shanna Aderhold • Page Aiken • Anne Marie Anderson David Anderson • Wendy Anderson • Melanie Barger Louise Bartlett • Tyler Bennett • Louise Bledsoe Tricia Boatright • Mark Boehm • Janice Brinkley Sam Brinkley • Anne Brown • Hunt Brown • Nicole Brown Clay Caldwell • Jenna Caldwell • John Caldwell Erica Cathey • Tina Austin Daniel • Justus Davis Wendy Davis • Rob Dieter • Kathy Druckenmiller Gaby Fadel • Connie Fahs • Jessica Fahs • Zachary Fahs Cathy Foster • Brenda Galbreath • Kathy Gansereit Bill Gardiner • Birdie Gates • Haley Geyer • Audrey Gibbons Elaine Goodwin • Jen Hatcher • Mike Hatcher Brenda Haughney • Tom Haughney • Ken Haynes Julie Hearons • Elizabeth Hinton • Leah Hopkins John Howton • Rhonda Howton • Chef Walter Idhe Susan Idhe • Bill Jeffers • Marti Jeffers • David Jennings Maria Jennings • Craig Johnson • Rebecca Johnson Chef Brian Justice • Georgia Kellogg • Dave Kerstetter Marcie Kerstetter • Steve Kipp • Al Kirkpatrick • Dave Kranc Rebecca Kranc • Jake Kretlow • Marie Kretlow • Maddie Kuhne Allie La Madrid • Shannon Lemmon • Tom Lemmon David Lewis • Don Long • Mary Ellen Long • Mike Malone Judie Mattie • Ken Mattie • Mark Messersmith Ben Moody • Berry Moody • Jan Moody • Randall Moody Taylor Moody • Carla Morgan • Chris Morgan • Rachel Morgan Tom Morgan • Claudia Mullis • Evelyn Murphy • Dustin Nguyen Carol Nikoukary • Gary Nikoukary • Melissa Norton Paul Oglesby • Sarah Patelidas • Honey Pauxtis • Rob Pauxtis Joyce Powell-Gromda • Allaine Ridenour • Keith Ridenour Zak Rogers • Mike Ross • Mark Rushlow • Jesus Sanchez Bruce Scott • Sandy Scott • Barbara Sellers • Janie Shaheen George Skarpalezos • Winnie Skarpalezos • Ernie Stegall Craig Sullivan • Sarah Sullivan • Bob Thompson Rita Thompson • Kathleen Trumbull • Natalie Trumbull Paul Trumbull • Adele Tyson • Haley Watkins • Jeff Whigham Jeffery Whigham • Jan Wilder • Charlie Williams • Yva Williams Richie Williamson • Joe Wills • Tim Wills • Josh Winans Suzanne Wood • Woody Woodside • Jan Young • Jeff Young • Aaron Zaliponi • David Zink

A special thank you to Volunteers Georgia KelloggRichard Williamson, and Joe Wills for their leadership and for working especially hard to make this year’s event a success.

Photo by Chris Moncus Photography

Thank you also to Charlie Williams, owner of Crabdaddy’s Seafood Grill. Over the past 20 years, Charlie brings his team of oyster steamers and serves up bushel after bushel to a hungry crowd. Charlie is one of the Land Trust’s most valued and dedicated volunteers and, once again, saved the night by sensing the need and retrieving several extra bushels. Thank you Charlie!