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St. Simons Land Trust


As a member of the St. Simons Land Trust, you can be sure that your dollars go to work directly in our community to preserve the scenic and natural qualities of the Island.

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The building that stands on 1810 Frederica Road carries its own bit of history. In the 1970s,  it was built as a private residence. After a time, the home was sold and used as office space for a local real estate company. Most recently, the property was sometimes used as the site of the community-loved “Golden Elephant” event sponsored by the Coastal Symphony of Georgia. The upscale resale marketplace served as an annual fundraiser for the Symphony.

In 2016, this property was purchased by a developer and was slated to become the county’s next Dollar General Store. Immediately, the St. Simons community rallied together to stand against this possible commercial development. After much negotiation, the Land Trust and the developer struck a deal. And through the generosity of a $4 million challenge grant from The Anschutz Foundation and the successful launch of The Canopy Campaign in 2018, the purchase of several important properties, including 1810 Frederica Road, was made possible.  The nearby site of the former Mildred Huie Museum was also acquired during the 2018 campaign, and both properties now serve as island green spaces and are protected in perpetuity.

1810 Property
1810 Property With Sign Compressed
1810 Yard
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Landscaping 1810


The Land Trust’s office sits on 1.42 acres covered in live oak and southern magnolia trees, redbuds, and azaleas.  The land serves as the Land Trust’s main headquarters, but is also a public greenspace for the entire community to enjoy. The front yard features a “little lending library” that is filled with books for all ages. With a nearby bench and bike rack, this serves as a perfect resting point for bikers and walkers as they head down Frederica Road.