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September 20, 2019

yellow billed cuckoo

A new study published in Science, an online journal of original scientific research, indicated the frightening news yesterday that North America has lost nearly 3 billion, or 29%, of its bird abundance in the last 50 years. The primary cause? Human activities. These include habitat loss, collisions with buildings and windows, and widespread pesticide use.

The Land Trust is incredibly humbled by the opportunity to preserve highly developable land on St. Simons Island where so many birds find refuge. And we are grateful to ALL our supporters who make that preservation possible.

"I hope that all of us involved with land protection and the Land Trust understand what a critical role we play in bird conservation -- all protected properties, even the smallest ones, provide important habitat for neotropical migrants and other species along an important flyway." -- Scott Coleman, Ecological Manager of Little St. Simons Island, Cannon’s Point Preserve Conservation Task Force Member, and SSLT Stewardship Committee Member.

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Photo by Bob Sattelmeyer


September 10, 2019


Among the countless things that we feel fortunate about at the St. Simons Land Trust are those who graciously and generously give back to our community every day. People like Miriam Lancaster.

For more than five years, Miriam has volunteered as the Land Trust’s Volunteer Coordinator and was instrumental in developing and implementing our volunteer program. She has spent untold hours scheduling, training, and regularly communicating with 100-plus dedicated volunteers who share their time and talents at Cannon’s Point Preserve and other Land Trust properties on a regular basis.

This week, she is turning over the reins to another servant leader, Marty Moody. For several years, Marty has managed the Land Trust annual Oyster Roast and its 100+ volunteers. She will now manage all Land Trust volunteers, including those who assist with property management and maintenance, educational outreach, event planning, and administrative assistance.

We are truly grateful to both of these skilled and dedicated women. Thank you, Miriam and Marty!

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August 29, 2019

BAFA training22  IMG 35477

Pictured here is Kate Tweedy of Little St. Simons conducting a BAFA training for partners and citizen scientists at CPP. Also pictured is a courting pair of palamedes swallowtail butterflies found at CPP.

The Butterflies of the Atlantic Flyway Alliance (BAFA) was formed to bring together conservation land managers and citizen scientists throughout Georgia to collect data on pollinators. The Land Trust is thrilled that Cannon’s Point Preserve is partnering with BAFA to collect this incredibly important information that will help create land management recommendations for property owners and managers.

Click to read the full article in Our Daily Planet: https://bit.ly/30DOTRv

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August 26, 2019










One of the earliest gifts to the Land Trust was a 40-acre marsh-front property on Frederica Road. The land was donated by Dorothy Gilbert in memory of her husband, John. And In 2006, the Land Trust, with the help of dedicated volunteers, designed and installed a quarter-mile nature trail through these serene woods. Daily, St. Simons Island residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the John Gilbert Nature Trail from sunrise to sunset.

Click the link to learn more about the John Gilbert Nature Trail: https://bit.ly/2KWORPj


August 22, 2019


Photos by Bob Sattelmeyer

Did you know that both Cannon’s Point Preserve and Guale Preserve are listed as eBird Hotspots on St. Simons Island? eBird Hotspots are public birding areas where different bird species have been reported numerous times. We are so grateful to our avid birders who spend time at our protected Preserves and input this invaluable species data.

Today, CPP boasts more than 140 species of birds ranging from songbirds like the Summer Tanager and Yellow-throated Warbler (shown here) to water birds like the Blue-winged Teal and Hooded Merganser to birds of prey like the Bald Eagle and Red-shouldered Hawk. Birders have also reported nearly 50 species at Guale Preserve, which has only been open to the public for three months!

Without these preserved habitats, so many of the birds we love would have to relocate elsewhere. The Land Trust is grateful to all our generous donors who made the protection of these hotspot locations possible.

Click the link to learn more about eBird Hotspots: https://ebird.org/hotspots