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evening bat male


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources conducts annual bat surveys at Cannon's Point Preserve. In 2018, they conducted two surveys at the Preserve. The two surveys combined captured 11 bats, two of which were northern yellow bats (Lasiurus intermedius) who were banded prior to release. Northern yellow bats are listed as a species of concern in Georgia as not much is known about them aside from the fact that they have been found living in large tracts of old growth maritime forest and they favor clumps of Spanish moss for roosting. In addition to the Northern yellow bats, 9 evening bats (Nycticeius humeralis) were captured and released. One of the evening bats was a female and one was a juvenile male. The remaining bats were all adult males and all looked healthy when observed by the biologists, with no signs of white nose syndrome or other ailments.